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BANGKOK 25 June 2019 00:14

Happiness When Marrying a Much Younger Woman

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I have been trying to study this subject for a while now, and would like to hear (briefly if possible) from guys who have married much younger women in Thailand, and are now reasonably happy and content (both of you), the exact reasons why you seem to have made it, and why so many other marriages of unequal age unfortunately crash and burn.

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With a 17 years younger woman in her late 20's, she is still looking for overly romantic love and shows of passion and .. zzzz. I think they are healed / cured once they get a kid they can spoil and show love to. With older women, less need for the CONSTANT texting and I-love-you-so-much's. 


The nice thing is they both take care of you quite well, but seriously, that way too passionate teenage love can sometimes be bothersome! I understand those girls get disappointed in the love that may seem one-sided for them.


I had the fortune of never having a gf or wife who was too interested in my money. They all said they don't care about it, never really asked about my financial status. I've never had a bar girl, so maybe that explains it. So I don't think that is a reason to make or break a relationship.


As sanemax mentioned, try to avoid the father-daughter relationship, I think those girls need romance, not a dad :)

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Posted (edited)
10 minutes ago, sanemax said:

It was quite clearly a personal opinion , it was so clear that it was a personal opinion,it really wasnt necessary to state as much .

  Yes, there are plenty of male felangs who act like teenagers and I did say that that would help in the relationship .

  Thank-you for advising me what I should have wrote , now may I give you some advice ?

How about you stop telling other people what they should do and searching posts for something you consider to be "biased" and unfair and looking for all inclusiveness ?

Can I give you some advice ? stop giving others advice about giving advice because you were pulled up on the veracity of your statement.

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1 hour ago, CanadaSam said:

and are now reasonably happy and content (both of you),

it appears all the answers coming from 1 side only, they should ask their partner's opinion,  thus a better way to assess the relationship

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