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BANGKOK 24 July 2019 16:28

Ideas in place to reverse decline in Thai education

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On 5/27/2019 at 6:34 AM, Destiny1990 said:

A typical Horrible looking local class room set up..



That looks like a fake classroom set-up. There is room for at least another 30 students in the spaces between the desks.

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Troll post reported and remove.  


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On ‎5‎/‎27‎/‎2019 at 6:18 PM, djayz said:

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for an improvement. 

Am trying to gently sway Mrs Djayz to take our kid back to Europe where he at least has a chance of actually learning something. 

A school you chose and researched first right ? Parental responsibility doesn't end just because you've found a building that says school on the front? So you're aware your kid is doing badly and are doing what about it ?


You just need to divert your time whining it's someone elses fault to finding a decent school (and pay for it). Last night my daughters homework was to describe in her own words how Newton laid the groundwork for Einsteins theory of relativity (in English). She asked me to help and after half an hour I think wished she hadn't !


Tonights was a triple Physics/Maths Logic/Science bonanza which would have reduced me to tears - I was pretty good at Maths (note American friends mathS comes with an 'S') and it was tough, the physics just blew my mind - she's just completed it. At 15 she is a lot lot smarter than any 15 year old I've ever met without any bias.


Its also a bonus she's not inclined to answer back to her teacher or stab them to death as in the UK!



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16 hours ago, djayz said:

I'm perfectly aware of my parental responsibilities and don't need a lecture on what to do, thank you very much. 


You seem to have missed the point of the topic completely. You talk about finding, and paying, for a decent school. I am of the opinion that a decent education is a basic human right and the government's responsibility to provide to all children in any nation.


The wealthier families can afford to pay through the nose for better schools, but, the vast majority of normal Thai parents struggle to send their kids even to government schools here (read an article posted here only a few weeks ago about families struggling to pay for uniforms as an example). What about those students? Are they to be deprived of the knowledge and skills needed to survive in today's world just because mother and father don't drive Mercs and BMWs? 


A good education, just like health care, shouldn't be about how deep your pockets are. 


Hmm, and maybe I have a very jaded view of the Thai educational system.


We we arrived from Singapore and my son went into High School, even at that point he was at least 2-3 years ahead of his peers.


Now, I can't comment on the quality of private international schools in Bangkok.


But, I did do my homework, and he went to what was rated the best 'international' school in Khon Kaen.


That being said, the education was appalling, verging on the comical at times!


Ultimately I simply concluded that my money bought, maybe, a marginally better education than a Govt school, but really it simply bought a higher quality of friends

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