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German Jews warned not to wear kippas after rise in anti-Semitism


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4 hours ago, impulse said:

I may be wrong. 


But every recent documentary I've seen on anti-Semitic violence has been at the hands of white skinheads and Neo-Nazis.  They're not too amenable to recruiting Muslims.


Those documentaries have some kind of agenda. But the problem is definitely with the Muslim population and it's not only in Germany, the same is true in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, etc...


A few years ago on Dutch television an actor wore a kippah in a Muslim majority neighbourhood wearing a hidden camera and he got threatened all the time. By the way in Paris the same experiment was done.


And remember that an old Jewish ladies that got killed in Paris like 1 or 2 years ago by her Muslim neighbour. Or the attack on the Jewish supermarket in Paris (though at least there was some very nice Muslim staff there that helped protect the customers - of course not all Muslims hate Jews).

Or the attack on the Jewish museum in Belgium a few years ago. By the way in The Netherlands all Jewish synagoges are protected by military, and it's not because they are afraid of attacks by skinheads.


If you import Muslims en masse, expect hatred against Jews to increase as well. It's really simple, though some people might feel uncomfortable with this fact.


Just read the below stories, you will never find any perpetrators to be skinheads, the perpetrators are pretty much exclusively Muslims. It's a problem with the Islamic religion.


To be honest Europe is incapable or perhaps even unwilling to provide a safe-haven for Jews, which is why it's important for a Jewish state (Israel) to exist. So they are able to protect their own.

















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3 hours ago, DingDongLing said:

Jews in Iran have lived peacefully together, just saw it on youtube.  Not even a security guard at the syn agog 

They might be, but most likely as second rate citizens. Probably required to pay security money (a tax on non-Muslims called jizjah) to keep themselves safe. And probably their words are less powerful in the courts compared to the words of a Muslim. 

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3 hours ago, Chomper Higgot said:

One single attack.


Not a mathematician then.

At least he quoted and posted a link about it.


Somehow you rarely post links about any topics.

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3 hours ago, Skallywag said:

Why don't women wear kippahs and why don't men wear hijabs or burkas? .....these ridiculous religious practices are just that -ridiculous .  If you "identify" with mythological separatist "beliefs" and "faiths",  you are living in your own fantasy

No more fantasy than white supremacy. Except that the religious aren’t attacking the white supremacists.

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3 hours ago, candide said:

Some time ago they forced them to wear yellow stars, and now they advise them not to wear kippas.....


Sad event in both case, only a difference in level.


The advice is no doubt well-meant, but I feel a better response by everyday Germans would be for all those who abhor this kind of violence to wear kippers in solidarity on a day of protest. The haters are a minority and their minusculeness  should be shown up publicly. Spending time on line with others of their kind, these idiots think they have more brothers and sisters than they actually do.

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2 hours ago, Emdog said:

In USA, FBI stats show 58% of hate crimes done against Jews, which are 1.8% of population. 18% against Muslims, 1.4% of population. 80% of hate crimes fell within race, ethnicity, ancestry or religious bias.

Rather than Jews not wearing skullcaps, how about responding like Danes did during Nazi occupation? Everyone wear one.

"If you "identify" with mythological separatist "beliefs" and "faiths",  you are living in your own fantasy" I'm an atheist. "Living in your own fantasy" should be okay as long as don't force that fantasy on others IMO. What's next? Attacks on cosplayers? 


Just saw this after making my own post. Agree wholeheartedly.

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39 minutes ago, simple1 said:

I'm aware, but the link I provided is quite recent. Just maybe I'm being naive, but would think that the critique of stats coming out of Germany would have been addressed by the Interior Minister by way of using empirical data


Check out both link provided in my posts, and links included therein. There are many takes and versions as to how attacks are tallied and associations determined. Also, different figures - and no, not all from dodgy sources.


Angela Merkel denounces ‘different type of antisemitism’ from Arab refugees after assault on men wearing skullcaps


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8 minutes ago, Thakkar said:


The advice is no doubt well-meant, but I feel a better response by everyday Germans would be for all those who abhor this kind of violence to wear kippers in solidarity on a day of protest. The haters are a minority and their minusculeness  should be shown up publicly. Spending time on line with others of their kind, these idiots think they have more brothers and sisters than they actually do.


Top German paper to print cutout kippah in solidarity with Jews



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I think the problem with these Jewish hats is that people who wear them want to show everybody around them that they are Jewish. And Jewish people and Israel are strongly connected.

Now looking at Israel and what they do to their neighbors it's not surprising that many people in this world oppose Israel. And that is similar to opposing Jews - at least some of them.

Are all Jews responsible for what the Israel government does? No. But do many Jews support Israel and it's right wing government? Yes.


Personally I try to live according to: live and let live. I don't harass people because of their religion or race or nationality. But every time I see groups of people walking around in Bangkok with kippas I must think about Israel and all the bad things that happen there.


But it seems nobody is allowed to mention this. Because saying anything against Israel and/or Jews is judged as anti-Semitic.

It seems it's impossible to criticize Israel because then Jews feel criticized and that is a no-no in this PC world.

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Those of you echoing the mainstream narrative are making the same mistake than well-meaning people in the UK made for decades, and which had consequences that are now tearing their nation apart.

There have always been attacks on Jews in Europe, perpetrated by several different groups, but the OP is about the recent rise in attacks.

Just like the exodus of Jews from Gothenburg and Paris, the recent rise in Germany is directly associated with recent Muslim migration.

The official statistics are so manipulated as to be worthless. Horrified by the rise of populist parties, it fits the establishment narrative to emphasize far-right attacks while downplaying Muslim attacks.

For example, when no motivation is identified and no assailants have been identified, such attacks are attributed to the far-right, including regular vandalism.

This is exacerbated by the fashion among Muslim youths to use the swastika in their graffiti. What better way for a fine, upstanding young Muslims to express their general lack of enthusiasm for the local synagogue than by daubing a big swastika on their front door, even if they have little clue what it actually means.

In those cases, is does not matter if the youths are seen and identified as Muslim, the grafitti is recorded as a far-right attack.

If they possibly can, the authorities attribute attacks to the far-right because it helps to camouflage the 10% rise in all violent crimes, especially murder and rape, that Germany has experienced since the summer of 2016.

The authorities would be in an extremely tricky position if the general population were to start blaming them for this situation, so, it makes sense to play on existing German sensitivities and guilt about their fascist past.

When I see well-meaning members here trotting out those discredited statistics it saddens me because all this smokescreen does is make things far worse in the long-run.

For decades, the authorities in the UK created a climate in which newspapers and TV stations voluntarily omitted to mention the name of convicted criminals and rapists if they happened to be Muslim. The taboo was strong enough to encourage the police and social workers to ignore a culture of child rape and forced prostitution that was occurring in towns and cities throughout the UK.

The police, reeling from shameful instances of institutional racism in the 80's, most notably the corrupt investigation into the racist murder of the teenage Stephen Lawrence, were terrified to investigate repeated credible allegations. 27 separate police forces independently decided to ignore the problem for decades. The newspapers, too, refused to touch the increasingly frequent reports they were receiving through the grapevine.

Instead of press exposés and prosecutions, the whole sordid mess, involving thousands of men and tens of thousands of children over decades, was covered up and, instead, bubbled up through street level politics. This instilled in normal people, otherwise disinterested in politics, an enduring distrust of BBC and other establishment media.

This is how the UK ended up with Brexit. By 2016, the authorities had insufficient authority left to swing what should, really, have been an easy majority for remaining in Europe.

That summer, as the British voters watched YouTube footage of hundreds of thousands of refugees, mostly Pakistani and Afghanis, crashing through barriers and clambering through the windows of trains, and felt the echoes of Rotherham, Bristol, Rochdale, Oxford, Newcastle and countless other towns where the authorities has actively suppressed the truth about ongoing, systematic predation.

In every pub, in hushed conversations, people asked each other "If we stay in the EU, what's to stop over a million of them coming over here in a few years when they have their German passports?"

Beneath that question lay the unspoken gut knowledge that their own government will not be honest with them, or do anything to help them, when diversity goes badly.

And, so, people who did not even care that much about Europe, and who had been told firmly, for over a year, by every member of the establishment, that Brexit would lead to the economic collapse of the UK, voted Leave anyway.

If you refuse to acknowledge the reality of what is happening in Europe, all you will do is feed a backlash that will end up being be far worse for everyone.

I am not saying that migration is a bad thing - that is a whole different discussion - what I am saying is that being dishonest about real things happening to real people as a result of such social engineering is the ultimate mistake.

Jews being unable to wear whatever they want on their heads is a canary in the coal mine, we should be paying careful attention. Take note, too, if gays start getting thrown to their deaths off tall buildings, that's generally a negative sign.


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35 minutes ago, Morch said:




Lost my proper clip linking powers.

Baseball bat sends the right message. “It’s hard to satirize a guy with shiny boots on” LOL


In the same vein, a recent KKK rally in Ohio attracted only nine (9–NINE) attendees. Counter protesters numbered in the hundreds. Police in attendance: 350. Cost to the city coffers: $600,000




That’s why I say it’s important to remind the haters that they are in the minority in the real world.

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