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I read previous forums regarding ants and this product was mentioned once amid a myriad of other ways to kill ants.


It took me a while to try other methods including borax and glycerin of borax solution. I had varying success with these, but nothing effective for long.


I avoided this solution because it was so expensive for such a small amount it and I'm naturally cynical.


Finally I hesitantly spent the $15 on Lazada and bought some.


It's called Bayer Quantum brand (famous for their aspirin) and am very pleased with the outcome.

Yes, the quantity is small, 12g, but only minute amounts are needed.

It is a liquid/gel and the small black /red kitchen demons absolutely LOVE it; hogs to a trough for sure.


They queue up to it within seconds and pig out, gleefully carrying it back to their comrades and queen in the nest. Within 24 hours the traffic slows to nothing and then disappears completely for several weeks. (makes me wonder if I could find something that worked as well on the heedless traffic stampede that passes for land transportation here).


They feed on it until every trace of it is gone. Antennae licking good apparently!


Put some near their common entrance/exit points and wait a day.


I know this sounds like a late night TV infomercial, but if you've given up and just eat the ants along with your rice, you need this stuff.


The magic ingredient is something called Imidacloprid, only 0.03% W/W yet only the tiniest drop is needed.


Judging by what I've used so far this tube will last for months or longer. Tremendous value for price.


I'm itching to try it on the vicious large red wood ants that inflict such painful stings and are nearly indestructible by physical means.


See the video and product picture attached.


Sorry for gushing so shamelessly but I have been living with these annoying kitchen guests for over 2 years and now found a simple and gloriously gratuitous way to fight back. I almost, but not quite, feel bad for my attempted but ultimately ineffective attempt at formic genocide. I haven't lost any sleep over it and the afterglow is almost as good as sex!


I don't know about its effect on pets or children but you can research this. It is transparent and gone so quickly it's hard to see it being attractive to either.




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Last time we had ants my friend went to tesco. came back with something that was 30 baht. i only remember it had ants on the picture. 


year later ants have not been back since. i cannot believe that but it is true. 

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Posted (edited)

Makro and BigC have a product from Chaindrite, plastic, orange bag, THB 140.- 

I have occasionally have to treat a second time a few weeks later, but this stuff works, active ingredient is permathrin, which is 'harmless' (used on mosquito nets).ants.JPG.b2190e7e5495588bab4336d8274e5204.JPG

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