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No pictures of driving licences on phones - top cop warns Thais not to be tricky

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

The top cop tasked with amending and restructuring Thailand's driving laws has reminded motorists that they must still carry their licence. 

So the 'app' that the DLT promoted prematurely months ago will not be accepted at all:

"Pheeraphon Thawornsupcharoen of the DLT. "Thais will not need to carry a license any more. Just show your smart phone"." [quoted from the news article below]


Initially the police said it wasn't yet an option, as the law had not yet to changed to allow for this.

Now, we're on to 'double-speak' from the police saying it's 'not an option'.



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1 hour ago, BestB said:

Why do you see this coming next when it’s already the law. 


Allowing pics of your passport in hit phone was just a gracious gesture   By no means it is a rule or law.


when I was caught up in a raid about 2 years ago , they did not accept pic in phone and insisted on seeing the real thing .

I'm not trying to be clever here, but would you happen to know what the law says about foreigners carrying identification?

Do you know if it specifically says 'passport' (as opposed to any other sort of ID), and do you know if it says 'original passport', thereby ruling out a copy of it?

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From the year dot, I have been advised by the entire world and its spouse not to submit the actual license to a local cop; cos they might try to lever a small contribution to the benevolent fund out of you; or failing that just keep it so you have to go out and buy a new one. So I always have a stock of photocopies in the glove compartment. Actually, I usually do carry the real license, because it is useful quick ID for banks and supermarket car parks. I suppose the on-your-phone idea springs from those many who carry photocopies at present. So i will probably continue with the current way of doing things, but might also put it on the phone as a further contingency.

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