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BANGKOK 16 July 2019 11:07

Samlor hit my car - police want me to pay...

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Hi Simon, through my personal experience I didn't think you have any chance of Winning against a thai. I had a thai lady drive straight into me on my bike "I had right of way"  and a police man witnessed everything. The damage to her car, windscreen smashed, big dent on the bonnet. Damage to my bike not much. Damage to me, slight fracture to my spine. 37000 bht hospital bill. Insurance covered. Cut one short I was lucky to get away with  50/50

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46 minutes ago, darksidedog said:

Other posters are correct. Do NOT go to the police station. They may well try throwing you in the cells to scare you into paying up. Get your insurance guy to go down there and make a counter demand to compensate them for the damage. Give him your witnesses details and let the samlor driver know if he wants to push his luck, that it will end up costing him amounts he can't afford. Many attempted shakedowns stop quite promptly when they realise you are not an idiot who will freely distribute cash.

Agree.  If the OP has Class 1 insurance, they should take care of everything and I mean everything.  I had a friend who was in an accident with a motorcycle and this friend was at fault.  Still, the insurance company paid for everything. 

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