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Govt takes concrete steps to stop overpricing at private hospitals

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Don't know if this has anything to do with the new measures or whether she just ran into a good doctor but two nights ago my daughter had to take my 6 year-old grandson to hospital to remove something that was stuck in his ear. After trying a local clinic followed by the general hospital, both of whom couldn't remove the object, she ended up at a private hospital.


The doctor on duty had two goes at trying to remove it, including putting him in some sort of straightjacket, which he managed to get out of, before calling for an ENT specialist who also tried before concluding that the only way they would be able to get it out would be to give him a general anaesthetic.


They were there for over an hour, involved two doctors, including one that had to be called in from home, and at the end of it the hospital charged them.........   nothing!


They didn't even pressure her to have the required treatment there, told her they could book him in for 10:30 the following morning but that she was free to go back to the general hospital and get it done there which would be a lot cheaper.

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