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Are you married to a Thai woman – Any Snippets of Advice .

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While looking at various different posts on numerous subjects I keep seeing a reference by the poster about how long they have been married to a Thai woman.  

The longest duration ive seen so far posted for a foreigner being married to a Thai woman is 20 years 😮


So I’m now wondering how long other forum members here have been married to their Thai partners , so my question to any other forum members who are married to a Thai partner and have been married for a relatively long time is this …..


If I asked you to give any snippets of advice to other forum members who may be considering marriage to a Thai woman or have just started out down the road to married life with a Thai partner.  


What would your advice be , what after all Your years of being married to a Thai woman , in your personal opinion makes a successful long term marriage work ? 








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10 minutes ago, Whip Me Granny said:

The longest duration ive seen so far posted for a foreigner being married to a Thai woman is 20 years 😮

Yeah that's not really natural for a foreigner man is it but possible with a Thai lady.. 

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Don't get married. My GF and I are 8 years into a good relationship.

Look after the good ones well, and they will look after you even better. The trick is to find a good one.

If you are over 60, fathering children is not a good idea. Teenagers when you are in your seventies, and luk kreungs to boot?

Leave 80% of your assets in your country of origin.


Apologies if that doesn't fit within your template; however, you were asking for advice.

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17 yrs now which gets better every year. Giving advice that encompasses all women in Thailand is impossible just as it would be in the west. Developing a good judgement of character is key world wide and if your gig never worked out then obviously your judgement is off. Also, if you are emotionally immature you're never gong to make it even if you're judgement is sound.

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Find one who has her own money. Let her buy the house.

Being married you're going to be miserable sometimes but at least it won't be because you had to spend all your money.

Get your nuts cut, especially if you're over 45. Don't take on anyone with kids (expensive) When you hit 60 you won't have to think about school fees etc and if you have pensions you can enjoy them.

Don't believe in the extended family idea, it's a con' job. Thais don't believe in it.

Lots more on the same lines.



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It's all a bit of a loaded question.


I've been with Mrs G for 24 years, God help me.


Thing is we're close in age, similar educational backgrounds, which is typical in the West I would suggest, but less so in Thailand between Thai woman and farang men


A lot of the horror stories you hear are the 60 something with the 20 something. Bar Girl romances etc etc. Those tend to be quite unique to Thailand, and rather fraught with danger.


All that being said, most Thai women have a fiery temper when roused, I've learned the art of tuning it out, seems to have worked for me, and if you can stick it out, they mellow with age.



Well, regardless of their age or education they seem to have a special gene for that. Watch any Lakorn and I'm never sure if its life imitated art, or art imitating life.


But all in all me and Mrs G as we approach our twilight years have had a pretty good life together, with all it's bumps in the road.


So there is no real advice other than try not (if this applies to you) to think with the 'little head' try to use the frontal lobes

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Its the same things that make a marriage work all over the world, trust, respect, equal power/decision making/control etc.


I think it ends up being a different dynamic if you marry a rental girl.


Marrying a normal Thai girl is often like marrying a 1950s TV sitcomm wife (without the single beds). Very defined roles, you get a wife that takes on the domestic duties (even if you try and stop her). You end up being the 1950s husband, the provider, the financial security etc.


You can easily abuse the traditional marriage roles and end up with a maid that you have sex with, or have an equal relationship that still has some old school roles and values.


In the end it comes down to security for a Thai girl, not money (and dont shag her best friend, lol)

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Get one with limited English, when she goes off don't worry just nod

Later when she has a better grasp of English, KEEP NODDING

Oh and do this  🤐

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I will tell you one thing.


If you think that Thai women are submissive, quiet women that take on domestic duties like Pete above me says you are in for a world of hurt. As Thai women become more independent and not depend on men for income they are about 100 times more feminazis then what you would encounter "back home" in the west.


Just my observation. Others will disagree, but ask any moneyed Thai woman if they need some Farang schmuck stinking up their house and it will be a resounding no. Again, speaking from the personal experience 🙂



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