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Are you married to a Thai woman – Any Snippets of Advice .

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Been happily married to my Thai wife for 10 years. She’s an American citizen, university educated in the US where we met at school and is quite a bit more Americanized than most Thais living in the US. She also speaks English at a native level but she still retains her Thai roots and character. Very loyal, loving and caring. Would do anything for me as I would for her. Hard worker as she runs her own retail store and does quite well. Can be a bit on the jealous side as I think most Asian girls are. I’ve heard of Thai women with very violent tempers when they go off but my wife just tends to get quiet when something bothers her. In 10 years of marriage I’ve never seen any explosion from her though others have had differing experiences I’m sure. You do need to understand their universal love of cooking and eatingThai food and you need to live somewhere she has access to Asian markets. We live in a large US metro area so it’s not an issue. Thai women are quite family oriented though mine seems happy with just an occasional Skype call from time to time mainly to talk to her younger siblings. Her family has flown over to the US once before for a stay and we will go over every three years or so as we are doing right now and spend some time seeing the sites and visiting her family in Chiang Mai where she is originally from. I am somewhat spared from the Thai tv shows as she prefers American movies when we watch tv at all. Though we will watch a Thai horror movie on Netflix from time to time. In my opinion
You can’t go wrong!

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