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BANGKOK 16 July 2019 11:30

Pattaya is dead now

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I have been coming to pattaya for the last 4 years in may / june. It just seems to be getting quieter. I know bar owners in soi buakhau and soi honey who probably wont make it to high season.


What do you think is going to happen with the makeup of pattaya in the next few years?

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1 minute ago, baansgr said:

Demographics. Jomtien usual haunts of bars and massage are totally empty. Boats and coaches in the mornings full with Chinese. Low XE, greed and bad customer service has been the Demise of the traditional businesses Pattaya/Jomtien have been known for. When a bar with six girls looking at their phones ignoring customers charge almost 3 quid for a skanky bottle of Thai lager, what do they expect?


Was it the lager that was skanky?



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3 hours ago, Puchaiyank said:

Pattaya's decline may be bad news for the rest of Thailand as like rats abandoning a sinking ship...the lowest excuse for human beings will be scattering throughout the country...bring their no-morals criminal minds with them...yikes!  😳

Nah, they are already supporting the government 😉

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