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Three men sentenced to death for murdering British expat and wife in northern Thailand

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Three men sentenced to death for murdering British expat and wife in northern Thailand



Image: Thai Rath


Three men have been sentenced to death for murdering a British expat and his Thai wife in northern Thailand. 


Engineer Alan Hogg, 64 and his wife Nott Suddaen, 61, were found buried close to their home in Phrae last September.


On Friday, Phrae Provincial Court sentenced Warut Rattanasatchakit, 63, Phia Khamsai, 63, and Kittipong Kamwan, 24 to death for premeditated murder.


A fourth man, Seema Udpamoon, 60, who was a neighbour to the couple, was jailed for 25 years with his initial 50 year sentenced halved for co-operating with the investigation. 


The court heard how Nott’s brother Warut Rattanasatchakit planned the murders so he could gain control of the couple’s assets, which included a large property in Phrae’s Muang District.


Police said there had been an ongoing conflict between Warut and Mr Hogg for several years. 


Warut sought the help of Seema telling him of his plan to kill his sister and her British husband. While Seema refused to be involved in the actual murder, it was him who reccomnded Phia and Kittipong to Warut. 


Kittipong would be the one who shot Mr Hogg using a shotgun to kill him outside his home, while Warut bludgeoned his sister to death with a wrench.


The men then buried the couple in land close to their home.


At sentencing the court also ordered the men to the couple’s daughter 644,255 baht compensation.


Thairath reported that the relatives of the deceased were said to be satisfied with the outcome of the court ruling.

Source: Thai Rath



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