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Jonathan Fairfield

Immigration chief: Blacklisted Russian who came back as Romanian will be deported again

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On 6/1/2019 at 5:07 PM, bubblehead said:

As explained on another thread:

He did nothing wrong in the first place

He has dual nationality

The name spelling on his 2 (genuine) passports is correct for the respective languages

He was running a bar, all above board but upset a few locals

He has family on the island including a child that he was taking care of

He is not mafia

Sounds like a stitch up to me

'He did nothing wrong in the first place'

He was running a bar, all above board but upset a few locals'


According to all of the reports that we see, he was running a bar without a licence


"Sergey Milentiy was previously based on the holiday island in southern Thailand. In January of 2016 he was fined for illegal work and given a two month sentence and fine for running a business without a licence."


Once he was blacklisted - he should not have come back - no matter how many passports he has. The man was blacklisted - not his passport. 


Dual nationality, family or not, not mafia, multiple passports - all are nothing to do with the crime which was that he entered the country whilst blacklisted.


He may be innocent of the original crime, but he was being devious and breaking the law by coming back on another passport. Criminal intent.

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