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Enter the June 2019 Thaivisa Photography Competition

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"Phra Chao Kue Na Ancient Remains", a Place or Worship on Kok River east of Chiang Rai. 


It is also called "Buddha in the tree" because there is a Buddha statue inside the tree that has been there for 6-800 years. 



Phra Chao Kue Na Ancient Remains-4.jpg

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From my trip to Siem Reap I spotted these 2 monkeys next to a lake.  Unfortunately I only had my Samsung J6 with me so resolution is not the best.  



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Wat Phanong Pheu - Udon Thani province, in the middle of nowhere  ...

53 meters long ; 12 meters wide and I don't know how much high but surely more than 15 meters ...

Shot today  thursday 13 of june 2019 - Lumix G85





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