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Beware perverts on the buses: Sixth former posts bottom grab experience


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Beware perverts on the buses: Sixth former posts bottom grab experience
Picture: Daily News
A sixth former in Bangkok went on Facebook to say that a fellow passenger had fondled her bottom. 
Natchamee Ismael was taking the number 138 bus from Surasak Montree school. 
She felt something but thought it was just a bag knocking into her. It was standing room only and the student was wearing earphones and was turned away from the pervert.
But two fellow adult ladies on the bus saw what was going on and took a picture that they later gave to her. 
They confronted the man who got off quick after the bus left the expressway. 
The student warned fellow girls to watch out for perverts on the buses. 
Source: Daily News
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-06-04
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24 minutes ago, webfact said:

fondled her bottom. 

I'm sure she'll experience alot more than that later on when she leaves school and is out working. I've seen bigger perverts in Pattaya at 7-11. 

It is usually standing room only and in like sardines so It may be difficult not to bump into other peoples bodies at times.

Maybe a bit of an overreaction .... just saying.



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2 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:

He's deliberately standing with his hand behind his back - 'copping a grope' is clearly his deliberate intention... No over-reaction, the guy is an anti-social perv and needs to be named and shamed. 


Are you for real?...  

["Probably just a horny school girl"]

["its more likely the girl is the perv"]


Both comments representing a grade A1 class in twattery... this is someones daughter, what if it were your daughter geoffbezoz?


If he really was groping her, which as I said is not proven by the picture, and it was my daughter, well my biggest one anyway, then those "Aunties' would have been taking a photo of some Thai pile of crap who just got kneed in the groin, rather than taking snaps to get more "Facebook likes.

Secondly your choice of words is wrong as you  clearly do not understand the meaning of "Twattery".



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5 hours ago, NanLaew said:

Oooohh... watch out richard, our geoff is well hard.


His response posting a link to the urban dictionary made me chuckle and shows a degree of balance and humor masked by his initial response... 

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