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Patong taxi, tuk-tuk drivers asked to stop cheating, beating tourists


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Patong taxi, tuk-tuk drivers asked to stop cheating, beating tourists

By The Phuket News



Tuk-tuks in Patong – Phuket’s bustling tourism hub. Photo: Tanyaluk Sakoot

PHUKET:-- The Chief of Patong Police held a meeting today (June 4) to discuss the launch of a project aimed at improving the behaviour and attitude of Patong taxi and tuk-tuk drivers towards tourists.


Col Anotai Jindamanee presided over the meeting for the project named ‘Being Good Host’ this afternoon, attended by officials and local business owners including Preechawut “Prab” Keesin, head of the Pisona Group of companies and son of long-time former Patong Mayor, Pian Keesin.


Col Anotai told The Phuket News today, “The main goal of the project is to address the issues that are impacting tourism in Patong and to promptly repair the area’s image.

Full Story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/patong-taxi-tuk-tuk-drivers-asked-to-stop-cheating-beating-tourists-71659.php#zDrYGAPh3gqLfmrS.97



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Yes, please don’t cheat and beat the tourists otherwise we might have to do some work and arrest someone. Now run along you nice Tuk-Tuk people and keep up the good work. Thailand number one. 

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Soon there will be no tourists left anyway so they can go back and grow rice on the farms instead.

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6 hours ago, steelepulse said:

What did Prab have to say about this since he's been so outspoken and concerned lately!

he will have all the cheating by himself same as his father

buy his apartments for millions of bath can use 2 weeks a year else have to pay and can not have 2 weeks in highseason free.

but he give 7% or similar annual of investment (not 7% of income which probably is greater)

and to help him with this the goverment deemed airbnb illegal 

he is not an honest man he says he have 10 up educations but havent learned enough or anything 

he probably do more to effect the tourist industry negative than the most include the tuk tuk

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