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BANGKOK 26 June 2019 01:02

Pattaya To Mukdahan

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I did the trip to Mukdahan. The advice here was a great help. For those people who don't have a GPS system or just prefer to use a map here is some feedback that I hope will be helpful if you find this thread.


I left Pattaya at 5am Saturday. I took the route from Pattaya to Buriram 36/331/304/359/3395/3486/348/24/218.


Then Buriram to Mukdahan  218/219/2081/215/202/292/2169/2047/212/12


I think you can see that this involves quite a lot of checking of the map for all the road changes. Although, the major towns have a lot of road signs telling you the way to go, so it is no big hassle.


There are quite a few single lane roads with slow local traffic. As it was a Saturday, there were not many trucks and even the other traffic seemed quite light.


However, overtaking on these roads is no fun at all!!!


We arrived in Mukdahan at 3pm - so that is exactly 10 hours for the trip. It was 705 Km.


We stopped twice at petrol service stations for about 15 minutes each time, just to stretch our legs and for a snack.


I have never driven for longer than 4 hours on any trip so was very surprised to arrive in Mukdahan wide-awake. I think it was from the sheer terror of staring at trucks and cars coming in the opposite direction on those single lane highways when I was overtaking:)


We left Mukdahan at 10am on Monday. To make the journey simpler and use more dual carriageway roads I took the 212/202/2/304/331/36.


This was busier than the route I took to Mukdahan, as this was Monday afternoon as opposed to Saturday morning travelling.


This route was much easier to drive, lots of dual carriageway, even though the 202 had many more single lane roads than I thought I saw on the map.


It did involve some driving through hilly areas. Very pretty I am sure, but I was just trying to get from A to B quickly so it was wasted on me and quite difficult to drive with slow moving trucks sometimes in the way trying to get up steep hills. There were quite a lot of places to pass though.


We stopped twice, same as on the way to Mukdahan.


We arrived back in Pattaya at about 9pm. The distance was about 710 KM. I am not certain as it was dark and I forgot to look until the next day after we had been to the shops.


So the trip back took 11 hours, but that was due mainly to the last 2 hours being in the dark and it was raining as well.


If I made the trip again, I would leave at 5am both going and returning and take the route I took on the way back from Mukdahan.


I would also avoid the 331 just after the 36 as there are major roadworks there for the next 6+ months. Better to use the 7 and join the 331 from there - signposted Laem Chabaeng on the way back to Pattaya.


Hope this helps anyone taking this drive.






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