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BANGKOK 18 June 2019 12:31

Missing Muslim teen found dead in Songkhla graveyard

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Missing Muslim teen found dead in Songkhla graveyard

By The Nation




A Muslim teen was found buried in a Muslim graveyard on Wednesday after he went missing on May 26, police said.


Visitors to the Ban Bo Sone graveyard in Songkhla’s Chana district on the Eid al-Fitr spotted a new grave with a foot partially revealed.


Foundation volunteers uncovered the body of Preecha Soden, 17, of Moo 6 village in Tambon Taling Chan.


His hands and legs were tired and the body was wrapped in canvas.


The body was sent for a postmortem at the provincial hospital.


Mamu Minheem, the head of Moo 6 village, told police that Preecha left home on May 26 with two friends. The family had reported him as missing.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30370606



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And this "crap"...this insane and inhumane disregard for life is par for the course it seems in Thailand. Everywhere you look or read....people who can't control their anger....people who are so insecure , they beat either tourists, girl friends, what-have -you. And I certainly get that this 'stuff" is happening all over this crazy world. But why does it seem that this 'stuff" seems so common in Thailand? Traffic deaths.....tourist dual-pricing....stories of lady boys robbing tourists....abuse of elephants....and finally- like post war World 2 in Japan when geishas were essentially prostitutes, "why" is it that certain parts of Thailand are ok  with that (to each their own)? The point is one that many seem to forget....The former King was a proponent of "fairness" AND he was COOL- a decent human being and a good sax player. Now? the junta? Military coups do NOT result in any positive results. No democracy, but then again- poorly-educated people are often blinded by BS.


Thailand needs a serious "consultation" and those ex-pats who insist upon turning a blind eye to those who essentially want you out of the country....the idiots who will cut their nose off to spite their face- then besides the exchange rate I wonder why (besides the obvious reasons) any foreigner would bow....succumb....and be exposed to the rudeness and negative view of  Thais and their treatment of tourists. Obviously, the hand that feeds you does not resonate with "some". Unfortunately, those "some" are enough to drive tourists away. Not all are bad- no matter where in the world. However, nothing is being done to reverse what some people view as not being worth it. I do not trash the good people of Thailand. Like any other country.....when unscrupulous people rip off tourists and the Junta "asks" the taxi drivers to stop their deception without any guidelines or penalties, then words mean s..t.


Stop padding the tourists incoming(and most likely false data)...stop your inaction to rid your country of dual-priced rip-offs. STOP deflecting........STOP your corruption (the late King would not love what his country has become).  Anyway....not an arm-chair person with no time on my hands. I have witnessed all that is negative there . And most importantly, when I read that a Thai male beat their either estranged partner for whatever reason, then it is obvious as to why Thai women look elsewhere. And I would do the same.


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