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BANGKOK 19 July 2019 02:13

Tuk Tuk complaints

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The best I have had recently (50% act like they have never passed any driving test) this oldish Thai was on second road stamping on his brakes and then on the accelerator, I was wondering if he had a licence as I got

off and handed him a one hundred Baht note, a few mins and he handed

me my change it was two twenty baht notes and lots of coins....before I could count it he stamped on the gas, and was away, I now never give

them more than twenty baht …he had charged me 40 baht..

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Jomtien to Klang is 10 baht, after its 20.....isn't T21 right by Dolphin Roundabout?????
Incorrect. I did a big thread about this and tested it extensively myself as well. It's 10 baht to North road as well.

I can't say what the fare would be if they continue into Naklua though.

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1 hour ago, toolpush said:

Would it not be Soeng Teaws or Baht Busses that is being referred to?


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15 hours ago, Jingthing said:

Because paying the extra 10 baht on the rare occasion of pushback is worth avoiding the risk of being physically assaulted. DUH! 

Are you easily intimidated? You are not standing your ground against theft and corruption.  Something you have been very adamant about.

So, where do you draw the line with them taking your money?

Just give in here, give in there, it is a legit question...at what point do you stand your ground??

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