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BANGKOK 16 July 2019 12:57

My experience - receiving Social Media death threats in Thailand from a other European

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I receive and see now multiple deaths threats in Facebook Messenger from the young - younger than her - European lover (for a month) of my Girlfriend (children with her - 17+ year relationship)


She met him in Jomtien and after he went home to Europe to get money for some days - he is now back soon and is now furies that she is with our children and me home in Isaan - want to meet her and if not - kill me - he writes in messages to my Girlfriend and also to me.


He threatens also to kill his Ex Girlfriend which whom he has a conflict about money

and even threatens my Girlfriend if she not obeys now to meet him after he arrives back in Bangkok from Europe.


He writes he will come to my Girlfriends home - he has the address and threatens to kill me.


I have all names and evidence Facebook messenger screen shots, even Passport copy.


And I sent already weeks ago a complaint with evidence that the young man, threatened to kill his Ex Girlfriend about money and anger - to multiple Immigrations - but I got no answer.

His Ex Girlfriend possibly - did not want to make him to much a problem herself. 



I started therefore yesterday to write with evidence to two Tourist Immigration e.mail addresses and could talk on phone with a officer in Bangkok.

One respond - I shall complain at a local Police station - 


I went therefore to my nearest Tourist Police station - but was nearly immediately sent back to my local homes District Police station without any English speaking officers - I should than call from there - so the Tourist Police officer would translate - 


After a call to the Tourist Police in Bangkok - the local Tourist Police will write report from my e.mail statements and send to my Amphoe Police.


With all my evidence - I thought - the man could be at least be questioned at the Airport Immigration and confronted with the evidence. 

But - I am told - he did not do nothing so far - so nothing will happen.

Death threats even when approved - are no big thing in Thailand?


After the man enters Thailand - I will go and speak in my local Thai Police station - maybe they have my papers of complaint already. 


My fellow members - at least you know what was the story about - if something bad happens soon.


Evidence Names only in Private message allowed in Thai visa. 


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