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BANGKOK 26 June 2019 00:32

UK PM candidate Raab says suspending parliament remains a Brexit option

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3 hours ago, Chomper Higgot said:

And here we have it, the very dangerous irony of Brexit. 

All that talk of bringing back sovereignty to Parliament and here's true Brexit zealot proposing to suspend Parliament to get Brexit. 

This is nothing less than the tyranny of the ballot box.

At no time in the history of the British Parliament has a politician ever suggested a winning a vote gives him the right to suspend Parliament. 

It has however happened elsewhere. 

Yes, Berlin, Jan 1933. ( and about all communist states)

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2 hours ago, Srikcir said:

The EU has repeatedly refused to make any change to the withdrawal agreement it negotiated last year with May 

Isn't it fair to say that EU refusal was justified as the British parliament never presented an agreed updated agreement for the EU to consider? All Parliament has done is reject the May-EU agreement.

The UK wants to leave the EU, not the opposite. Then.. since 2015 a chance, since 2016 reality, lots and LOTS of talks, out of which the "May" agreement followed, being seen as the best possible compromis, also for the N + S Irish seen the Good Friday agreement. One after another option was rejected in Parliament, so ? Never any alternative with an eclatant majority ! What you Brits want ?  The time British gunboats could force the decission, lies more than a century behind us.

My opinion: throw the British out per 31 Oct, close then la Manche and the Pas de Calais for a 6 months ( no harm for the summer holidays), from today already: postpone any EU payments seen Boris the Liar's threat to ignore all UK commitments of the last years, inclusive any payments to British (ex) Members of EU parliament ( will hurt mr Farage especially, as he did not skip one meeting about the pension subject), stop any exchange under EFSA, RASFF, EMA, CE etc, and facilitate any business, which is willing to migrate to the EU.

sometimes.. somebody else takes the decissions.jpg

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1 hour ago, vogie said:

Why are you complicating the issue, it is not difficult, the outcome is obviously not to your liking but "leave" is a very simple word and it should not confuse you, here are some of the interpretations:

1. If you leave a place or person, you go away from that place or person.


2. If you leave an institution, group, or job, you permanently stopattending that institution, being a member of that group, or doing that job.


3. If you leave your husband, wife, or some other person with whom you have had a close relationship, you stop living with them or you finish the relationship.


Nowhere does it say there must be conditions when you leave somewhere or someone.  


I think the only ones complicating the issue are those that cannot accept

that you need to get a majority in parliament. So far, there is no majority in parliament for any of the options presented to parliament, so back to the drawing board it is. 

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12 minutes ago, vogie said:

I get it, you cannot talk about anybody without using vile language, as oft you do in your posts, I would suggest it says more about you than them.

I think, with a bit of context, many right-thinking people might agree with Nigel. Context can be found here.


And here are some highlights of why Nigel is wholly correct in his summation of the self-serving Mr Raab:











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