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Bumrungrad Anywhere – Your doctor’s office in the palm of your hand

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Bumrungrad Anywhere – Your doctor’s office in the palm of your hand


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‘Bumrungrad Anywhere’ is exactly that, your instant direct link to a vast pool of physicians covering a multitude of specialties. As soon as you download the App, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have access to affordable medical help, for you and your family, wherever you are. Sometimes, all you need is simple advice and some reassurance that can only come from contacting a medical professional; but it’s never as easy as that, is it? Your child has a temperature and perhaps a sore throat, it’s probably just a cold. “Should I take them to a hospital? It’s a long way, and the traffic can be very busy. If only I could get some quick advice over the phone?” Relax, with ‘Bumrungrad Anywhere’ you can! The best part is, you don’t even need an appointment, and can call any time between 7 am and 11 pm seven days a week!


Screen Shot 2562-06-10 at 12.00.53.png  Bumrungrad International Hospital has partnered with Raksa, the leading telemedicine platform in Thailand, to bring Bumrungrad’s doctors to your mobile device.


Once downloaded on your mobile device, open the App and follow a few simple steps to register. You can view the doctors available, see their photo, along with specific training and certifications, and even how past patients have reviewed them. Within minutes, you can be connected with the professional practitioner of your choice in a video consultation, and let the physician see the problem via your camera. It may merely be bed rest, remedies you have at home or a change of habit, but if medicines are required to hasten recovery, the doctor can prescribe these there and then, via the App, and you can collect them from a pharmacy convenient to you. The doctor can consult, diagnose and subscribe for conditions vis the application, however, if the doctor thinks it necessary, you may be asked to visit Bumrungrad International or your local hospital for further examination or tests.


Don’t worry if you’re on holiday, or even out of the country, ‘Bumrungrad Anywhere’ covers you everywhere, giving instant access to medical advice, whether at work or home, school or hotel, in town or upcountry.


The cost of this service is just THB 500 (approximately $16 USD) for a fifteen minute consultation, payable on the App (credit card or bank transfer) at the time of use. Should more time be required, an alert will show and additional time can be secured at the same rate.


Your data is safe and will be secure on a fully encrypted system, integrated with the hospital, inaccessible to any third parties. If you have been a recent patient at Bumrungrad, the doctor will have full access to your information so that they can make as thorough an assessment and diagnosis as possible. It is essential that the doctor is aware of any medication you may be on, also your allergies and previous medical history. A consultation summary is available at the close, along with any diagnosis, recommendations or prescription requirements.


When you look at the many Apps on your phone, some you’ll use every day, even every hour! We hope that you won’t need to use ‘Bumrungrad Anywhere’, but we do know that just by being there, you and your family will feel reassured, safe and protected.

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