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BANGKOK 19 June 2019 15:42

Soy yogurt starter

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I'm looking to make some soy yogurt. I know where to buy soy milk, can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to find starter?



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I suggest you try Aden Health Store by Jingjai market, where I get Kefir starter.


For yoghurt, I buy Yolida at Tops/Rimping, and add a spoonful to 100/150ml of milk, cooled from about 80c-ish. 6-8 hours out side in a sealed container and hey presto.


Doesn't work quite so well with Soy milk, or low fat milk, and a recent experiment using lactose free milk for Kefir didn't go well.


But although I seem to be lactose intolerant, cows milk into yoghurt is ok for me.


But Aden is quite the expert and worth a visit.


Good luck and please feed back if you find a soy yoghurt starter...

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