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BANGKOK 19 June 2019 16:43

SHINECOIN: The Project For A Stable Cryptocurrency

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SHINECOIN: The Project For A Stable Cryptocurrency




There are many reasons why we all should own some cryptocurrency. As it seems, it will a part of our future and it's a good idea to educate ourselves how it works so that we aren't left behind.


Crypto might be a bit risky and difficult to understand at first glance. History tells us that buying crypto might be very risky indeed but also incredibly profitable even when buying for smaller amounts. It's very possible to make hefty profits by trading cryptos on a short time basis, but there is also a huge chance that you will lose if speculating from one day to another.

Planning long term on the other hand will probably increase your chances of making a profit. No one really knows what's going to happen to Bitcoin or Ethereum in the future, but you might do well if you buy some now and sit on them for a few years.

Another interesting crypto is Shinecoin, which is still relatively new. It was introduced in early 2017 and it has developed according to the plan since then. "According to plan?" you might say. Yes indeed. Unlike other cryptos, Shinecoin has a price plan and the price changes just once a month. During a month, the price is tried out and if there's a balance between buyers and sellers a price increase is motivated. By doing it this way, the buyers don't have to constantly follow the development of the coin as it keeps the same price throughout the month. This makes it less risky and easier to plan in the long run.

Another important aspect is the usability of the coin. Starting from May 2019 merchants in Thailand are accepting Shinecoin as payment with other countries following. So, the coins have a value increase and you can also use the coins.

Read more about this on shinecoin.com or shinecoin.com/tellmemore if you want a representative to contact you.

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