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BANGKOK 26 June 2019 00:33

Trump leaves China tariff deadline open, calls relationship 'testy'

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On 6/13/2019 at 7:01 AM, tlandtday said:

Nothing is done overnight.  Relax the Trump Derangement Syndrome and it's clear to see China is feeling the heat and rightly so.  Keep turning up the pressure....

Fake news or Trump hater , standard and pathetic response from those who have no rebuttal.

Trade wars hurt everybody , Trump was told this by his own advisors , but appeasing his base is his only concern and they are so deluded they will lap up any nonsense they are told.

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13 hours ago, tlandtday said:

The US is only dependent on China because they have allowed a dependency to be created through unfair practices and exiting of manufacturing.  Put the tariffs in place and all this goes back to the USA.  

It would take 15 years for the US to transfer manufacturing back to the US. Trump is long forgotten by then, and so is the war on globalization, which is as natural as water flowing off a mountain, after a storm. The relics will resist change with every molecule of their being. Will it make any difference? 


All the tariffs accomplish is to create a massive tax hike, for the American people, slow down the economy, and demonstrate what a terrible negotiator Trump really is.

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