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BANGKOK 26 June 2019 17:44

Entitlement, privilege and utter rudeness.

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1 minute ago, lipflipper said:

Break checking some idiot Thai driver who is tail-gating or driving like a di..ck he..ad is a very stupid thing to do. Swallow your wounded pride pull over and let them pass and you will live long and prosper. Otherwise you run the very real risk of being shot at. Seems like a pretty easy choice IMO.

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There are different degrees of 'brake-checking'.... 


Applying the brakes and slowing suddenly to 'scare' the tailgating vehicle behind is stupid and dangerous. 

However, lightly 'touching the brake pedal' to illuminate the brake lights without slowing the vehicle is a reasonable option to warn the car behind that its too close. 


When excessively tailgated I just get out of the way.... but, when I can't I put on my hazard lights, if that doesn't work I wash my windscreen repeatedly and have a little fun as the wipers come on on tailgating vehicle.... and failing all of that I lightly 'touch' the brake pedal to illuminate the brake lights without slowing the vehicle.


Usually, its is only touching the brake pedal which works... Those tailgating are idiots... but really, there are so many idiots on the roads now its become the norm and none of it really bothers me, with a few exceptions for the most its just innocent ignorance of those who are genuinely unaware of the risks they are presenting. 

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On 6/13/2019 at 10:22 AM, Puchaiyank said:

This is their country...they can and will be rude given the opportunity...sometimes I patiently wait my turn...other times I resume my rightful place in line...much to their dismay...


My favorite is the full sized truck and SUV drivers...try to intimidate because they have the larger vehicle...I move their butts back to their side of the road by moving my vehicle to the middle...if the try to intimidate by moving within a few feet of my bumper...I break hard and let them pee their pants...👍


Genius move... Hello Kitty in his Honda Jazz braking hard in front of a full size truck or SUV... it'll be you peeing your pants when you get shunted off the road by the tailgating truck who's driver is too busy exfoliating his nostrils to see you brake and react in time.... 


Who do you think would really come off worse?


Showing your brake lights = acceptable. Braking Hard to scare the driver behind = total dick move.

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Tailgating is dangerous and stupid ....

drivers think they are fine when only meters away from the car in front, however if the driver in front slams on the brakes the tailgater will almost certainly smash into the front car.




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