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Mainland Satun-La-ngu gyms/training facilities?

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So I just moved down with my wife to her hometown/La-ngu, i am very happy with it since this is always how i wanted to live my life in Thailand. Taking care of a big farm and alot of fishing and freediving. 


However not much exercise past months since water is getting murky from incoming Monsun and wife have been feeding me good so now I'm 6kg heavier. 


I want to find a indoor place with atleast some equipment for cardio, I don't except much because this town is what it is but i do really hate doing cardio outside in Thailand. 


Anybody know any kind of facility's for this stuff? Any hotels/resorts who might have something and let non stayers use their stuff for a fee? 





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I live in La-ngu as well. 
I will send you a PM with infos about a gym in La-ngu. 

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