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BANGKOK 18 August 2019 21:52

Rock star “Toon” raises millions for Northeast hospitals

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Rock star raises millions for Northeast hospitals

By The Nation




A CHARITY run led by rock star Artiwara “Toon” Kongmalai has scored another success – raising more than Bt 40 million for eight small hospitals in the Northeast.


The latest marathon lasted two days over the past weekend and covered the 187-kilometre distance from Nong Khai to Khon Kaen.


More than 20,000 people made donations as the runners passed through their areas. 


Joining Artiwara in the run were several celebrities, including his girlfriend Rachwin Wongviriya, singer-cum-actor Pakorn Lam, along with actors Pakorn Chatborirak and Somchai “Tao” Khemkad. 




Dr Bhak Loharjun, a hero from the Tham Luang cave rescue, also joined Artiwara in Khon Kaen. 




Khon Kaen Governor Somsak Changtragul greeted the runners as they arrived at the provincial hall yesterday. 


The last leg of the run kicked off at the hall and ended at Khon Kaen stadium, where many fun events, including a concert, were held. 


The charity run in the Northeast is part of Artiwara’s grander initiative to raise funds for small hospitals across the country through similar runs in several regions. 


In the coming months, the rock star will lead charity runs in the North, South, East and Central regions.


The marathons have been organised by the Kao Kon La Kao Foundation, which was founded earlier this year in the wake of Artiwara’s Kao project, which raised over Bt1.6 billion for hospitals between 2016 and 2018. 


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30371201



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2 minutes ago, Oziex1 said:

Good work to these people. 

I still have concern about the last lot of funds he raised, there was little follow up in the reporting of the beneficiaries of those funds. 

Funny, that was my exact thought yesterday morning. Given the fact that they love to stick their hands in the cookie jar. 🤔

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Just now, lamyai3 said:

Agree - given that he raised 1.37 billion baht in his solo run two years ago, it ought to be incumbent on the government and the hospitals to report back in detail on where the funds went. 



More likely not "where the funds went", rather "who too" with such a corrupt junta.

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People, alla over the world, should start to study Monetary System as soon as possible. 15th August 1971 was abolished Gold Standard, and Bretton Woods regulations stopped. Money become fiat, so literally created from nothing! 

All the banknotes in your wallet is created just from nothing, or with a click in a computer keyboard. The money debt is created by the commercial banks and financial criminal system to control people and extort interest through seignorage.


So it is literally impossible to claim that there is no money, it would be like saying that there is no fabric to create clothes or meters to build roads.
The creation of money is a political will in a sovereign state, unless Thailand is a sovereign state. To whom does the Central Bank of Thailand belong? Rothschild?



I find this phenomenon of appealing to the heart, to the soul of ordinary people to find money annoying, when these can be created from a PC keyboard.


Search for "The Utopian Country" book of Prof. Giacinto Auriti.


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