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Video: Russian tourist dies after late night smash with "gang of ten Arab motorcycles"

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The consistency here seems to be idiots on motorcycles.

Near where I live, when the traffic lights turn green, it's a MotoGP with loud bikes, pinned throttles and gear shifts to the next light.  No enforcement to be seen...ever.

IMO the focus should be squarely on the clowns called police and total lack of roadway enforcement.
It would be very easy to post up a few undercover with camera, radio down the road the license and snatch them up or just constant presence with some sort of dragnet.  Confiscate the bikes, heavy fines.


Many people know it's going on, many complain about it and yet nothing gets done.
Useless, lazy, unqualified, incapable clowns can not control this.  It will continue and the innocent people will continue to be victims.

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