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BANGKOK 19 July 2019 23:15

Original Kor Kor 22 retained for marriage extension

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I did my marriage extension at Mahasarakham Immigration today. No drama except that they retained my original Kot Kor 22 (local government proof of marriage). Previously they were happy with copies. I did ask for it back, but was told that they now kept the original and I would have to apply for a new one on an annual basis within 6 months of applying for the extension.


It will be a nuisance getting a new one every year as the local government requirements can be onerous, time consuming and ever changing.


Is this a requirement at other immigration offices, or just Mahasarakham?


The bloke before me was applying for a retirement extension based on the new rules for monthly deposits. He had only been doing this since March 2019 when the new rules came into play. He argued for discretion, but they refused the extension saying he had to show a full 12 months of monthly deposits. He has to go on 90 day visas until he can show 12 months.

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You can get a printout of the Kor Ror 22 at an Amphoe for a fee of 20 baht.

No need to do all the paperwork to get another one.

What they are wanting is a new stamped and dated print out of it before you apply for your extension to prove your marriage is still registered.

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OK, I understand now. Thanks very much.

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Posted (edited)

Just to muddy the waters: each year I bring an updated kr2 and a copy of original - with all the original documentation including kr2.


For about five years they've told me not to bother including the original. Less for them to sort through. It's updated, you're married. Makes sense right?


Last renewel, just the opposite. They wanted the original.


I really don't understand this. There absolutely can be a list of core documents that are required. If they want or need additional documentation that's one thing. The enforcement of law is totally arbitrary in this nation.


There you have it. Totally conflicting statements from Immigration.



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