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Tourist visa for wife to UK - easier second time?

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When we went last year I did not give any UK address as we were staying in hotels around the country.

I told them our travel plans in the UK but said nothing had been booked until the result of the application was known.

Not everyone stays with friends or relatives anyway so as I said earlier providing a UK address is not necessary to obtain the visa.

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18 hours ago, SussexExpat said:

If your intending to go July/August your not leaving yourself much time.

My wifes recent application, for her third visit to the UK, took 4 weeks to process.

This is true. My girlfriend, who visited the UK last summer without a hitch (has a decent job, studying for MBA etc.), has been waiting over 3 weeks for her UK visitor visa. She is due in the UK on the 7th July so we plan to contact them by the end of the week if it hasn't arrived. It seems tracking the application online isn't possible (at least that's what she told me) and it is quite costly to contact the visa processing team. 

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