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Jonathan Fairfield

US pensioner arrested for staying in Thailand illegally

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11 minutes ago, bluesofa said:

Regarding the Bridge at Nong Khai, IIRC Thai immigration will not allow you (back) into Thailand without an exit stamp from Laos.

I reckon you are right there bluesofa.


A few years ago I did the Veitienne visa and handed in two passports at the Embassy. They put the visa on the old passport but the stamp out of Thailand and the stamp into Laos was in the new. Because the old passport didn't have enough time.


On the way back; out of Laos no problem but at the Thai side they refused me entry. I had to go back to Laos and get another out stamp on the other passport. The Laos officials thought it funny.


Went back across the river and got stamped in no prob'.


These things happen.

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4 hours ago, Estrada said:

I had this problem once. Flew to Singapore for a meeting in the airport transit area with a friends transiting through Singapore Airport. Neither of us entered Singapore but I exited Thailand. They gave my agro at Immigration because they said I must enter the other country. (Thai logic). I remember years ago a friend used to go to a border crossing, get stamped out and then go to the the end of the building and get stamped back in again. It seems like there are people still using this system. I do not believe that there is anything in the regulations that stated you have to enter another country after receiving an exit stamp.

I did it on the Cambodian border when we couldn't meet the extortion "administration" fees and document surrender  for driving the car into  Cambodia which appeared to be based on the assumption we couldn't go back.  We were heavily grilled on return to make sure we weren't trying to cheat the visa system and asked if we'd purchased duty free.  The thing that seemed to frustrate  the Thai side the most was the computer wasn't to set up to allow Thailand  as both arrival and destination and the solution was to  cancel the exit in the end.   I felt we were dealt with reasonably on  the Thai side although it  took a hour to process. 


In Singapore  you will be fined if you pass through passport control and don't leave the Country without a very good excuse. It was a thing for a while where kids were not buying a ticket or  buying the cheapest ticket possible to mob  pop stars inside and grabbing a bit of duty free on the way out. I think the fine is  S$1000.

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5 hours ago, colinneil said:

This is just a case of the IOs involved making a major thing out of nothing.

Oh look we are doing a fantastic job, we nabbed this farang offender, took 5 of us, pathetic.

Who knows maybe the poor man got confused, made a simple error, it does happen sometimes to older folk.

I dont believe that it was a mistake at all , he knew what he was doing 

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3 minutes ago, sanemax said:

No, he deliberately got stamped out of Thailand and then stayed in Thailand instead of going to Laos

I remember a local journalist telling me years ago he went to Nong Khai and over the bridge to Laos.

When he arrived on the Laos side, he didn't have enough cash, and there were no ATMs originally.

He got on the bus back to the Thai side, walked behind the immigration office and got a tuk tuk into town to find an ATM.

Then he reversed the process to arrive back on the Laos side with enough cash for a Laos visa.

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26 minutes ago, Traubert said:

It's not like they've got the cattle prods out and his feet in a bucket of water is it? It's just a photograph.


Plus I'm fairly sure the Immigration Police have no input on traffic safety. They probably leave that to the Traffic Police. Do you call a plumber when your computer blows up?

In Thailand, it may work out cheaper getting the plumbers 8 y o to fix

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Posted (edited)
25 minutes ago, Pattaya46 said:

Uh? You are reading news on a farang forum in English language, and you are surprised that the priority is given to news about farangs? Seriously? :blink:


Just go read some Thai news websites and you will see that - by far - priorities in Thai news are on Thai people and Thailand related news.  Farangs retirees are very very far in Thailand priorities list. :thumbsup:

Think you will find that photo was taken for Thai news.


And yes, it's Thai people killing Thai and Falang people on the Thai roads.

was there any real point to your post. 



Edited by stanleycoin

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15 hours ago, Isaanbiker said:

First, the media call him a criminal, then another foreigner on an anonymous forum. What exactly was his crime? 10 days overstay? 


  We don't know why he didn't cross the bridge, could he have some personal issues? But that doesn't seem to matter, does it? 



You answered your own question.

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6 hours ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

Yesterday - Monday 17th June - he presented his passport to go to Laos but it was found that he had never crossed the border on the 9th.


Did he present his PP on the Thai or Laos side ?

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