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BANGKOK 19 July 2019 02:47

Video: Viral video shows Thai "hubby" ask his "mia" for money to pay off the "pretties"!

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28 minutes ago, cornishcarlos said:


Why is he an idiot ?? He and everyone around him is having a great time... 

Disrespect to his wife and her bun is about to pop. Fun is fun but with judgement.

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7 minutes ago, JSixpack said:

Or maybe you are for inability to see he's just joking around and everyone appreciated the humor including the wife.

Hardly!!! That clip made me cringe, and by all means I am not a saint. Look at the video again and then at the wife and really see how uncomfortable and moronic the situation was. And again I am no saint by all means, but that was just idiotic. By himself that is perfectly fine.

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2 minutes ago, JSixpack said:
7 minutes ago, Old Croc said:

Video or not, wives don't have a delete button.

When the split comes, every minor misdemeanor you ever committed, no matter how vague or how far in the past, will be revived and exaggerated in divorce court.

And the Court, knowing Thais, will easily perceive that on the scale of offenses typically committed by Thai husbands against their wives, this one barely moves the needle.

Unfortunately, I was delving into my own experiences in a land far, far away.

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