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BANGKOK 19 July 2019 03:02

Where to deliver a baby cheaply in Bangkok?

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A single Thai woman in Bangkok who doesn't want to deliver her baby in her 30- baht hospital upcountry (because then the family would know) - what options does she have?

(The farang father left her already)

How to get a house registration in Bangkok?

How much would Bangkok government hospitals charge if not registered in Bangkok?

She used to have social security for Yanhee hospital,  I don't know whether she continued to pay after she left her job (to stay with the father of this baby who now left her).

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If she continued to pay into her SS then she has no problem, can deliver for free at her nominated hospital (and may also be eligible for a maternity benefit payment from SS).


As for getting registered in Bangkok all she needs is a Thai willing to add her to their house registration (i.e. say she is living with them). Or the landlord of wherever she is staying to go with her and say she is living there. (Bring blue book adn ID).


If she has to pay, at a government hospital for normal delivery I think around 10K (assuming ward room etc, obviously private room is extra). C0section about 20k if no complications. Unlike private hoispitals, govt hospital will nto do C-section unless medically necessary.



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thanks a lot,  pretty much what i thought but i wasn't sure at all

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