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BANGKOK 17 July 2019 02:09

Prayut now prey to ‘wolves’ of democracy

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A post containing a disallowed reference to the PM has been removed. 

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Never underestimate the will of the people. The Thai army is not a pro army but a conscript army. Conscripts dont like to shoot their own. In 2010 soldiers from the south was used to do the job, but this time we will have to see.

The next coup will see Prayuth gone and more likely a much more aggressive military head seeking his time. And that may not be very long if there is any sign that there may be moves to curtail the power of the military in the future.

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19 minutes ago, boonrawdcnx said:

“Meanwhile, why should they continue supporting the general in Parliament if they have nothing to give to voters in their constituencies?”

Not even The Nation can be so naive that they believe any of these flip-flopping, spineless “politicians” are in it to do anything for their voters! They have neither an ideology, integrity or a shred of honesty and are in it for one reason and one reason only - to raid the countries coffers! Corrupt to the core these scoundrels want to fill their pockets with as much as they can while they can while they throw some scraps to the people now and then and pretend to represent them.


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Yes, there's an interesting article about how a minor party, who got about 60,000 votes, campaigned on the stance of being against dictatorial rule and wanted the current regime gone. They ended up joining Prayut. When the leader of that party was asked why he went the opposite route, he said, and I quote, "I was just talking. Saying anything to get into parliament first". 


I wouldn't trust any of these rats as far as I could throw them. The huge irony being that populist policies were supposed to be a thing of the past, but they used the populist policy of 'Prayut out' to garner votes which ended up keeping him in. 

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