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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 02:49

Italian businessman found dead in Chumpon resort room - no foul play expected

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Italian businessman found dead in Chumpon resort room - no foul play expected
Picture: Thai Rath
Police called to a resort room near the beach and airport in Pathiu, Chumporn in Thailand's south found a 56 year old Italian man dead on the floor. 
Emlio del Prato had checked into room 110 at the resort on June 5th and had not been seen for two days prompting staff to inquire.
Dressed in a red shirt and shorts he was found face down with his head by the foot of the bed. There was no disturbance in the room or other suspicious circumstances. 
Police discovered that the dead man had business dealings in Thailand and Laos over the last 15 years. 
He was previously married to a Thai woman from Pathiu but the couple had split up. 
Police initially suspect he fell and banged his head and was probably suffering from a pre-existing condition. 
However, an autopsy has been called to confirm this.
The Italian embassy has been informed.
Source: Thai Rath

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Police think he may have suffered from a "pre existing condition."

Does a farang with a history of doing business in Thailand with an ex Thai wife floating around count as a pre existing condition resulting in death?

Just asking. Nothing more.

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as usual media informations are always 50% misleading the true.

Late Mr Del Prato was 65 years old, has never done business in Thailand and never married a Thai woman or any kind of woman, he had for what we know, few free standing relations with some Lao girls, but not even an engagement .

he was working in Vientiane, where he was resident, according to Police report and local hospital report seem a natural cause of death (i have several police taken photos at the room) and seem no sign of anything that may recall something wrong.
he was telling us since last month he was not feeling properly and last trip to Chumphon was sometime in march 2019 and once back we saw him more fit and healthy.
he had history of high blood pressure.

he liked to go and "detox" in Pathiu stay few weeks , walking alone, everyday, for hours on the desolated beaches, eating local foods, no alcohol and loose weight in a very relaxing way.
he was doing the same for the last 4 / 5 years.

upon learning the tragedy, i arrived here in Pathiu, as being one of his best friend, to help on the matters, held the funeral and doing the cremation as by his written wills recored to the Italian Embassy.

everything was fine, then the expats death business began to roll in.

we were almost starting the cremation when a company namely ASIAONE from BKK , with full power of attorney issued by his Embassy stepped in ( i have copy of such letter), therefore the body has been left rotting for a full day locked in a temple room in a S/S coffin which they declared was refrigerated, indeed when they open the room, the plug was off, i took all pictures and video of the "decomposing" body, then after they took his body on  a "basic"  plywood (mean cheap unrefrigerated coffin) trowing away the coffin we (all the friends donations) purchased and loaded him on a regular toyota minivan and carried him to the police hospital in BKK for autopsy.
the Autopsy was at first not required by the Allianz insurance, which has a very small coverage (around 20,000$ as maximal premium), then when ASIAONE stepped in, and see very little profit making, all the cynic saga began.

Now as by the time i am writing ASIAONE is asking me (which i am not a relative) to pay for transport on the minivan to BKK for 15,000THB, when the Autopsy has been required by Allianz, as well insurance asked us to anticipate over 30,000THB after the autopsy for cremation, thus we even dont know if they will ever refund such amount, when we all know that cremation in temples are based on voluntary donations.

what we sadly discover is the cynic business with this "international" funeral agencies based in Thailand, with strong connections with embassies and authorities.

indeed was our fault, upon have learned about the tragedy, we promptly have informed, as honest people, his Embassy and since we knew he had a small insurance we called them too, as he always said that he wish to leave such small amount to his only sister (last relative left) in his hometown, as she has a quite poor economic and healthy living conditions.

what we learned is the following
if one of us will have such sad destiny and there is no need of an autopsy due a natural cause of death, lets do the funeral upon getting all the legal paper from Police and Amphou then, after cremation inform whatever embassy and  insurance if any.

at last we going today to report to police that his 2 of his credit card with cash (we dont know how much are missing, we guess 20,000thb but not sure), seem someone after the discover of death did a "extra lifting" .

i am attaching 3 pics when the minivan from AsiaOne took is "bad decomposing" body away to BKK for the 15.000THB trip, no photo of the body, i will never share them.

i got several other which i will not share anywhere, just as matter of evidences how much a death body may be cynically considered valuable for such people.

may Emilio DelPrato rest in peach and hopefully be cremated as soon as possible.

whatever we will ever receive his ashes as by his written wills we will held a "boun' in Laos and let his ashes float on the Me Khong as by his wills.





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2 minutes ago, Jerry787 said:

few free standing relations with some Lao girls

AKA "knee tremblers"

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Posted (edited)
Just now, ThaiBunny said:

AKA "knee tremblers"

i dont know what you mean or what you try to say, indeed i may have expressed my self wrong

he had a 5 years relation with a lady they left each other, after few years he had a new relation with his actual girl who is very sad of the disgrace.

he was not a massage or brothels client, a very good man , doesn't matter you may believe or not, indeed your comment, show your type of mindset.

have a great day

Edited by Jerry787

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I am sorry for the loss of your friend and the dire way this was treated by Asiaone. RIP

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