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Video: Pregnant woman dies after horrific pick-up smash on Koh Samui


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I just spoke to a local today on the PLP situation and the driver of the truck, under questioning from the police admitted that he in fact was trying to retrieve his phone which had slid onto the passenger side of the cab.This admission came apparently when it was pointed out via witness statement and cctv clearly showing that there was no other rider/driver anywhere near to the accident at the time.

The family of PLP also cannot make a claim against the driver for any financial compo as he is 'broke'.

Sadly and lastly not only was PLP pregnant at the time she also has a young son which has now been left motherless.RIP PLP.


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Unfortunately another crazy young Thai boy driving way too fast and loosing control at the expense of someone elses life. I see these young Thai boys driving motorbikes or cars/trucks way, way too fast and dangerous all the time. It is just a matter of time before they kill themselves or someone else, you always have to watch out for them.

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