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Non O (Multi Entry) no longer issued at Royal Thai Embassy in London - new financial requirements for Single Entry Tourist Visas (SETV)

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Thanks , very useful ifo. there eg. bank statements needing address also.

Might be a good idea to get the application in early in case there are any problems with the docos submitted.

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My understanding is you simply get a 90 day non-imm O, then extend it for a year from within Thailand once you get there. That gives you 15 months with no visa runs!   I found a link here that explains the requirements to get the extension, which seems the same as the old multi-entry requirements accept it's an extension. Seems easier to me, as I loath visa-runs.   


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On 6/20/2019 at 12:04 PM, moe666 said:

You hit the nail on the spot Cap. but there is still a few here who think it is just fine for people to break the rules and have a real cry when Thailand enforce there rules and laws.

Get over it boys the good old days of people coming and going for extended periods is over unless you have the correct paper work

And of course with the ever changing rules, keeping up with the correct paperwork depends on your luck getting the right IO.




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