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Non O (Multi Entry) no longer issued at Royal Thai Embassy in London - new financial requirements for Single Entry Tourist Visas (SETV)

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Fun and games coming. I would need to provide bank statements but currently online only and you cant screenshot from a banking app in my case the Halifax for a SETV

Going to have to return to paper statements.

2nd problem that whilst I stay 6-7 weeks it goes without saying no one pays all of that upfront for obvious reasons and in my case I normally a book a week online and go from there subsequently

So is the requirement that you have all 7 weeks paid for up front lol....bye Thailand I've had enough of this shit


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keep tightening.. a few more screws and no-one will qualify for any type of visa!      

Tourist visa rules keep tightening, mostly due to a minority of individuals who keep trying to abuse every loophole and crack in the system to stay long-term for purposes other than tourism. A few bad

Jesus, these people really hate us.  

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I have been using this visa for years, for me it has been great. I travel a lot for business and in the times when I happened to be in Thailand for more than 90 days it was a great excuse to go away for a few days, either with my wife or flying solo.

I must admit though I thought that at some time it would come to an end, there are not many countries that give, what is basically a 1 year tourist visa which essentially gives a person the right to visit the country for a year, admittedly with 90 day border runs. UK for instance only allows a maximum of 180 days per annum.

Another poster has pointed out that this visa is not available at any Embassy which is using the on-line process, which surely one day they all will be, which, if a true statement means that eventually this visa will disappear and no longer be available in Ho Chi Mihn or other such places. In that case then it seems to make sense to look at the alternatives.

I have studied the other visa options, I can qualify for a marriage visa and a retirement visa and do the 90 day reporting and annual extensions, however, I think for me the best option has to be the 20 year Thai Elite for 1 million baht and let the Elite staff do the running around.

My only concern is that future governments might take away that visa, but past history has shown that when they change it they honour the terms of the existing visas already issued. 

I don't think that Thailand are doing anything wrong taking away this visa, I think that they are just bringing their visa policies more in line with other countries. Perhaps soon they will review their policy on permanent residence and Thai Citizenship and make it a little easier to attain for people, who they consider, to be the right sort.

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11 minutes ago, GeorgeCross said:

its nuts to think if i went back home i'd have to get a job to come visit my wife even though i have enough money invested to never work another day of my life.. 


and i thought they wanted our money.




guess not, they just don't want 'us'



Could just imagine a bureaucratic embassy official checking ones bank statement with say with an average of 100000 thousand pounds in it and then denying a single entry Non O Visa to visit ones wife because it does not show 3 separate deposits of 1500 pounds.

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Makes it more difficult for the Thai driving license renewal in Dec. Only time i bother with the non immigrant visa is when i need to renew the driving license. Presumably for the marriage route i could show bank statements for the wife and myself combining the amounts to get the £1500 per month? I have my own business and i pay myself a smallish salary, dividends, company expenses, etc. As others have mentioned you should be able to show savings instead of monthly income.

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Ok I’m actually coming for a 3 month stay on a tourist visa in December after my initial 30 days I fly to Cambodia re entry after 1 week which gets me another 30 days after that I intend to go to jomtien immigration for my final visa for another 30 days then return to England after on the 30th day is this still allowed cheers

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5 minutes ago, patinchis said:

Can someone confirm that O-A visas are not affected.....cheers

No changes other than doing the online application. 

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