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Elite Visa do I need to file a TM30

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4 hours ago, sunnyboy2018 said:

But 500k is less than the 800k retirement extension.

But the 500.000k is money just given away with little in return, at least the 800.000k is still your own to take out if you decide to leave Thailand, which is likely because of the strong baht or decide to use a different method, ie, maybe change to a visa based on  marriage, or marriage extensions.

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The difference I see is the amount, both could be construed as throwing money away. Your interpretation of 'legal' may differ to someone else's one day. If you simply use an agent to do the legwork fo

It has not happened in the 16 years Thai Elite has existed. A certain government wanted to shut it down in 2008/2009 but decided not to do it due to threats of lawsuits and etc.

Agent for what dude???   There's NO VISA for under 50 year old non working singles that allows long term stay.   Agents also need you to park money, or whatever they do is not legi

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I live in Chiang Mai and when i joined Thailand Elite in 2016 i submitted my TM30 during my first 90 day report (fine 1500 if i remember correctly). I was told by Star Visa that trips within Thailand and returning to your home address won't have any issues with TM30 in the future. There is no need to resubmit if returning to the same address after a trip. Since then I have travelled within Thailand every month, staying in hotels and travelled abroad about 4 times a year. I have never had any mention of tm30 since and my 90 day reports have always been accepted. I have a report coming up in 2 weeks so if things change i will report back.

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