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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 05:43

Where to rent a scooter in Lamai

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Hi, I think this has probably been asked before but I just did a search and found nothing, so I will apologise for being no good at searching.


I am visiting Koh Samui in the near future and for the first few nights will be staying at Lamai Plaza Residence. It is close to the HHH ( Hash House Harriers) meeting place and only about 100 metres South of Lamai Boxing Stadium.


I will want to hire a scooter for about 1 week. I live in Khon Kaen (North East of Thailand) and bought a Scoopy Club 12 two years ago so would wish to hire something similar.


Can anyone recommend a scooter hire place?


Probably only a very few places but I have read about hire shops not being honest. I know there is no guarantee but it would be lovely if someone could recommend a place.


I see on Google Maps that Sarina Motorbike is very close.


Thank you in advance


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There use to be plenty of motorbike and scooter hiring shops everywhere on the island. Just ask in reception, when you arrive, they can arrange it for you, or recommend one. Lamai Plaza Residence is on the night market walking street in the center of the beach village.

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Thank you khunPer, as you write it is probably good to have reception arrange or recommend a scooter hire. 

I guess we will be in the busy part of Lamai but it will be for just a few days. I haven't booked any other hotel for our 2 week stay but thinking about 2 nights in Chaweng then the rest of the time somewhere quieter up on the North coast.

Thank you for your help

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