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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 09:36

Thai “Village” Women Threatens to Kill Her Husband/My Friend

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Please provide guidance as to what I can or should do, if anything.  Thanks


My friend, 66, married in the village near Roi Et three years ago.  She is 37 and worked in a beer bar in Pattaya where they met.  Marriage was never recorded with local office so not legal.  My friend is bipolar and is not a very nice person.  Still, I do not think he deserves to be killed.  A little melodrama, maybe not???


My friend inherited about 30 million baht and has two condos in Pattaya and two condos in the United States.  One condo in Pattaya is in his name and the other in his wife.  Bank accounts and credit card at Bangkok Bank.  He has access to over 300k USD.


My Friend has been in and out of Thailand on tourist visas for the last four years and Immigration has advised him to stay out of the country for a couple of months unless he gets the right visa.  So, they are traveling and the last trip took them to Argentina , Israel, Georgia with next stops being Turkey and Philippines.  


In each country, my friend has gone to the U.S. embassies and demanded a visa for her to go to the U.S.  Turned down about six times total in four different countries including Thailand.  Monday’s visit, in Georgia, was different.  This time it was about getting his divorce degree so that they could marry legally in Georgia and record it at the U.S. Embassy.  They were able to get the document and seem to be working on the legalization of their marriage.


On the drive to the embassy, my friend was abused with, “You are a failure, you are a failure, your are a failure, you are a failure, you are a failure.  You never get anything done.”  She is pressuring to get her marriage legal.  Then, she hits him multiple times and berates him like a child.  She, then, stated “I want to kill you.”  


This is the tip of the iceberg, in my view.  At the embassy, my friend pushed so hard, chanced his arrest and suicide by cop and actually requested that they shoot him because he does not want to live like this.  He has threatened the embassies in each country to get a visa for his wife and has tried to get police in those countiries to shoot him.  If he died in the village of “suicide”, it would never be questioned by his family or friends.


My Friend used his phone to stream live to his open Facebook page where anyone with Facebook can watch the entire ride to the embassy and what happened at the embassy.


The wife seemed so cold blooded when she said that she wanted to kill him.  Plus, the last words in the embassy video from her was that if he messes up getting what is needed for the legal marriage, she will leave him forever.  


This is all on video.  What are my options to help my friend, if any please??







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4 hours ago, darrendsd said:

If he can't see all of this himself then I don't see how you can help him

She has control of him. He has told her that, if she leaves him, he would commit suicide. 


In the U.S., this would probably be classified as elder abuse and police action would take place.  Does Thailand have such laws?


He is mentally ill with bipolar recognized by Social Security.  All four of the condos are languishing with no income and has been that way for two years.  He is paranoid about returning to the U.S. because he would expect to go under conservatorship and committed.



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52 minutes ago, Destiny1990 said:

What does your friend like about her?

Tell him to Bring her back to soi 6 !

He has not seen his two kids in 20+ years and is completely estranged from his family.  She and her family in the village treats him very well and he does not want to lose that.  


In the video, she also is pressing him for kids.  He say no because of his age and she says yes because her and the family will fully take care of the children.


Again, this is on the video that he did from his phone and posted on Facebook.  It can be viewed by anyone that has a Facebook account.  

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1 minute ago, NancyL said:

You cannot take a phone past the security point in a U.S. Embassy/Consulate, so I doubt some of the details of the O.P.  Is this story click-bait?

The 26 minute video at the embassy was recorded outside the embassy and ends with the security guard, Brandon, explaining that the phone would not be allowed in the embassy.  He stopped recording at the time and went into the embassy.


They accommodated him by preparing a letter saying that he is legally divorced.  They were able to pull it from a previous fiancée visa application that was disapproved a couple of years back.  He needs that to get married in Georgia.


Since the videos are on his open Facebook thread, I believe that I could forward a link to the videos.  If you need proof, I would be glad to provide the link and you can decide for yourself whether I am getting unduly involved.







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