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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 03:20

TrueMove H - 3rd Party Charges to Inactive SIM

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Long story short - I was given a TrueMove H SIM as part of a bundle about 8 years ago. It has sat in my wallet and never been activated on their network.


Last month I got ~200 charges from 3rd party "Horo4U". When asked, TrueMove said "my number clicked on opt-in banners". They refunded immediately when they checked that this SIM has never been activated on their network.


This month ~400 THB for 112 separate transactions using the SIM from "Horo4U" and "Check Dong Sem Heng 5", but this time automatically refunded on the bill itself.


There is obviously a huge flaw in how TrueMove allow third parties apply charges without verification, so check your bill if using True.

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