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Hot spring phangnga

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Hello everyone.

Today my gang go to Lamru Waterfall and Naampu hot spring.

Nice mountain drive, have hot spring with natural mineral water and free entry for foreigner.

Good day trip in province Phangnga. 


On the way we stop in the old style town Kapong (in photo)

They sell the local durian only 30baht for kilogram. So good, so cheap we bought it all. Amazing price! Delicious one.

At car park you can buy the egg to cook in the hot spring. And food for picnic.

It to hot to swim in it. You will die. It have steam come out.

But next to the spring have the river. And the hot water come out of spring into the river make it warm and can swim there. The mineral good for the skin, make you look younger and releave joint pain.

Nice place.











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11 hours ago, Camillof said:

Thank you for the information. Which one did you go to, no. 97 or no. 98 in the attached list? Or both?


Wow, have so many. Number 97  คลองปลายพู่


Thankyou attach the list. We will go to some more one.


Number 99 is in the hotel I think. At Bordan 

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12 hours ago, 473geo said:

Looks well worth a visit - thank you for posting

Not have the chair. So if you don’t like sit on the floor, better to take a chair. 

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Also better say, if you want to drink beer, no problem. 

But the shop there not sell alcohol, just other drink and ice. 

So must buy beer in Kapong.

Also have the expensive local durian “saligar” 300 baht for kilo.

it the yellow one in the photo. the white one only cost 30baht for kilo.

Both one is good. 


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