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Paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair but Thaivisa's top poster is "still standing" in Thailand

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Colin, same as the other readers I am in awe of both you and your wife. 

I'm writing to say take up the suggestion of the kindle to read books. So many free ones. It's not the same as a paperback (for me...but have friend who prefer the kindle) you will be able to read to your hearts content. 


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I would like to thank all the members who have posted good wishes for me and my wife.

It warms my heart, has lifted my spirits no end...... Thank you.


I am not the only disabled person around, so folks take a little time to help/ encourage other disabled people, be they Thai or farang, it helps them feel good about themselves.


To the doubters on here, never ever say you pity me, it is you who i pity, for your negative/ pathetic outlook on life.


Some of you mentioned about photos of my wife, at her request no photos were taken , funny thing Rooster was just meters away from our gate , when he was leaving when my wife arrived home.

When Rooster said approx what time he would be here, i said i will prepare lunch, hat food do you like, or not eat.....I eat anything except pla ra.

So i tried to impress him with my Thai cooking skills, si i cooked gem keil wan ( ThAi green curry).

Rooster was here about 20 minutes, i said you hungry, yes he said.

I have cooked gen keil wan.....OH I DONT EAT THAT, WHAT!!

Fortunately i had fixed some pigs in blankets also, he certainly enjoyed them.

Rooster a very likeable man, i enjoyed his visit.

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