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UK & Thai Citizen - Cambodia for 30 days - Best Option?


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Hi all,

I've had a look through the forum but can't really find what I'm looking for. Both me and my Thai partner will be travelling from Krabi to Siem Reap and plan to be there 30 days. For me, I was thinking the eVisa would be the best option, but I've seen online that because Thai's get 15 days visa-free they aren't eligible to apply for the eVisa (which makes no sense to me but... that's what it said!).


  • Has anyone successfully applied for the eVisa for a Thai national?
  • Are there any better options for us to both go there for 30 days?
  • If staying for 30 days, are we required to show evidence of onward travel / hotel bookings or savings?


Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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Just checked the Cambodia e visa site but did not find a lot of info so tried starting a application.

On the first page after doing the captcha I selected Thailand for nationality and got this pop up message.



It certainly appears she can apply for a evisa.

Try it here: https://www.evisa.gov.kh/application_new

But do note that there is incorrect info in the popup message. Thais can enter visa exempt at land border crossing not only by air.

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Just get the voa, saves u $7

forward travel, hotel booking...not required nor ever asked for


Note; Cambodia just introduced a new arrival form, (no departure form) no longer need fill out a separate visa form, all rolled into one and NO PHOTO REQUIRED now



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When my wife and I go to Phnom Penh I get an evisa both for her and myself. Why? So she can stay longer than 15 days and I won’t have to pay her no-evisa overstay fine ($10 USD a day, I think). I don’t know about other e-visa advantages at an entry point other than Phnom Penh. There, you can just deplane, walk down the ramp and go straight to one of the manned immigration counters, avoiding manual visa lineups, delays and wannabe fixers (if approached, just ignore them). A plus for us is that passport stamping is minimal. 


The online visa application process is very simple. You start off for the first applicant, be prepared to upload a photo stored on your computer, and then do it all again for your fellow traveler. A notice will pop up telling you about the Thai applicant visa free period - click OK. Then pay using a credit card. You will get the visa by email, possibly within 1 hour. Print two copies each (keeping one at entry for departure). Bring a passport photo for each.


On our recent March-April visit, a strange thing happened. Our Immigration agent told us that my wife didn’t need an evisa and didn’t process her app that, so she could save the evisa for another time. I insisted that she process my wife’s evisa as usual. We would have end up paying $150 in fines and owning an unused evisa that would expire at some point.


Let us know how it worked for you.

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Thanks for the input all, I appreciate it!

I think we'll go with the eVisa solution. I'm happy to be $7 down just to feel secure in already having the visa arranged, but I appreciate the advice about VOA.

Will come back to update on how it goes once we've been in and out 🙂

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A very major advantage to the evida is that it saves a full page in your passport. May not matter if you have tons of blank pages and travel seldom but for many of us it helps avoid having to get a new passport prematurely - which costs vastly more than the $7 extra per evisa.

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