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Motorcycle taxi riders, cabbies petition officials, parties over Grab legalisation


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totally support those legal taxi drivers and motrobike taxi guys in their ordeal.

for some farang here, with no idea about the realities, they basically dont care.

you should be aware of the fact that to get a taxi plate or a motorbike taxi vest, you need to invest money!

it is like a million baht for a taxi plate plus others expenses on top.

whereas, a grab taxi guy can do the same work with no investment. just a car.

this is why these people protest grab! bc grab is playing with their bread and it is not fair to them.

believe me, you do the very same in this situation. be frank to yourself.

hence gram or uber is banned in some countries due to that.


on top of these, grab is half Singaporean and this statement is sooo true: “Instead of enforcing the law on the wrongdoers, the LTD went ahead to amend regulations to benefit the foreign investors who broke the law and created disunity among Thais,”

some money you spend on grab goes to singapore and this creates problems among thais.


moreover, just be smart! grab fares are rising. once they become a monolopy, those fares will rise more and more as for all your rides or drives, you need to pay grab s cut!

same happened when hotel booking sites like agoda or booking. com appeared many years ago. I strongly resisted on these websites as i was seeing the big picture that all hotel prices will rise bc they will form some sort of monopoly and control the prices by forcing hotels.

basically we need to pay for agoda for its cut for every hotel transaction. Most slammed me saying it is very convenient and like they dont believe the room prices will rise.

now all room prices went up in a high rate in the last 5 years!


if grab forms its monopoly, believe me, we all miss the normal taxis and motorbike taxis when prices will be quadrupled.


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On 6/24/2019 at 6:30 PM, snoop1130 said:

and created disunity among Thais,”

Oh please. There’s no such thing as unity here. They can’t even hold a government together. 



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