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Moving to Thailand from the US-movers/storage?

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Hi, I'm moving from California to BKK and wanted to know if anyone has recommendations/suggestions on moving/shipping companies and cheap storage units in/near BKK. I'll probably be living in the Ramkampeng/Sukumvit area to start. I don't have a whole lot of stuff, but too much to take on a flight. Maybe 10 boxes. Thanks.

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I can't recommend these guys highly enough:




They moved me from Los Angeles to Bangkok - door to door.

Every phase of the move was handled with the utmost professionalism.

Great rates, great communication and very friendly staff.

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My research turned up this company that offers cube service to Thailand from the Bay Are in California at about USD2,500 per box - if your location is not within their catchment area it may be significantly more.




Searching for feedback results in some mixed reports, but if you are caught between filling a 20-foot container and excess baggage worth considering after doing your due diligence.



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