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BANGKOK 19 July 2019 02:20

Trump privately talks about ending Japan defense treaty: Bloomberg

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Trump privately talks about ending Japan defense treaty: Bloomberg



U.S. President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order aimed at requiring hospitals to be more transparent about prices before charging patients for healthcare services, at the White House in Washington, U.S. June 24, 2019. REUTERS/Erin Scott


(Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump has recently spoken privately about withdrawing from the defense treaty with Japan as he is of the view that the postwar pact treated the United States unfairly, Bloomberg reported late on Monday.


However, Trump has not taken any steps in this regard and such a move is highly unlikely, it said, citing people familiar with the matter.


The U.S. president believes the more than six-decades-old treaty is one-sided to the disadvantage of the United States as the Japanese military has no obligation to come to U.S. defense, according to the report.


Trump also talked about seeking compensation for relocating the U.S. base in Okinawa, Bloomberg said.


The report comes as Trump is engaged in his “America First” agenda that demands two-way agreements in foreign policy and international trade.


Separately, on the trade front, the U.S. president has previously said he is unhappy with Japan’s trade surplus with the United States and wants a two-way agreement to address it.


The White House did not respond to a request for comment on the report outside regular working hours.



-- © Copyright Reuters 2019-06-25

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11 hours ago, Tug said:

Atta boy Donald it’s party time in n Korea and another alliance thrown under the bus China will be delighted but it’s probably a ploy to pressure japan in some way


Do you suppose Japan and China are going to join forces now?

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Too many celebrities and too many old school career politicians. And way too many ultra rich sob's.

I'm hoping this "populist" phase we are going through ends soon ... too many idiots being elected into high office. 
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34 minutes ago, JAG said:

They were, and the Japanese lost, and surrendered. As a result governing Japan, and turning it into the society which it became (is now) was taken on by the victors (USA). The treaty which Trump thinks unfair was drawn up by, and consisted entirely of terms dictated by the USA.


Have they refused him planning permission for a golf course?


Well, it has now been over 70 years since the treaty was drawn up. How many years have to pass before its terms can be renegotiated? 100? 1000?


Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world. Few would consider that they pose a military threat to the West. Perhaps it is now safe to allow them to defend themselves. Failing that, a mutual defence treaty doesn't seem unreasonable, even though there is little likelihood of Japan ever needing to come to aid the US.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, AlexRich said:

That’s not what he said. But China will be pleased to see alliances weaken, just as Putin would be pleased to see NATO weaken. 


If Japan were allowed to have a larger military force, it would be a major setback for Chinese regional power.


In reality, I think there is little risk of the treaty being broken. Trump was responding to the possibility of the USAs Okinawa base being relocated with his usual "tactful diplomacy", and in a follow up Reuters article Trump clarifies that he is "committed to the military treaty".





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