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BANGKOK 19 July 2019 02:11
Whip Me Granny

At 70 years old I’m looking for the antidote – Do you have it?

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Posted (edited)

no girl is ever going to be intimate with you again

so why would you want to linger on in this nasty place ?

the only thing left is pain, cramps, digestive issues and so forth,

thank goodness youre soon outa here.

only catch is the moment you exit,

have a nice one

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Posted (edited)
48 minutes ago, CharlieH said:

Easy, just forget it ! dont think too far ahead, enjoy the now.

We all have a "use by date" we just dont know what it is, and when it arrives thats it.

So, dont worry about what might happen, concentrate on what is happening.

Its only a problem if you allow it to be.


    Really ?.  should we not prepare for the health issues , old age brings .

   Dementia , Parkies , and everything else , that comes with old age .

   Bearing in mind , that we farlangs , generally live longer than thai men .

  How would our thai wifes / partners , cope with this , would they want to ??.


   I  have known , many brit farangs , faced with no hope ,

  have bought a one way ticket , home to the UK , to die,  thanks NHS hospice.


        Ignore it,   until it happens to you ..



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