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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 03:58

Frustrated with XRP

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I cashed out of BTC last year and have put everything into XRP since the middle of last year.  I have always had an unshakable belief that this is the coin to be invested in and could realy see this company going places.  The pottential of tapping into SWIFT and MG/WU markets has always been a real possibility to my mind.  Just latley though I am starting to lose hope with XRP quite badly.  BTC is going through the roof with 300% gains on the year - fantastic, I am pleased about that - but this rise leaves me feeling very frustrated when I look at XRP price every few days.  My biggest problem with XRP is despite positive news about the company such as Ripple buying 10% of Money Gram last week, the price is never affected.  Last year when X Rapid went live I was sure the price would increase quite a lot but it did the opposite, and went down.  And now with this MG purchase again I thought well surely now it will go up, but on the very day the news was announced it went down a little.  It just makes no sense at all to my mind.


BTC is absolutley flying right now.  I checked yesterday and it was something like 345,000 on BX exchange.  I checked a moment ago and it is now close to 380,000.  I looked at XRP and it is down a little compared to yesterday.  It seems not even BTC's recent mooning can help XRP.


Is it time to wash my hands of this once and for all?  I realy am losing faith in it.  I worry of course if I did cash out sods law dicates that a few months later it will moon!  I guess thats a problem we all have in this game.


Can anyone help me understand why XRP price just seems determined to remain stagnant?  I see more and more negative social media and reddit comments latley, it seems like a narative is developing with people who think XRP is going nowehere and is a waste of time.  Of course that sentiment has always been there to some degree, as is the case with all coins, but this feeling seems to be growing more recently?


Its just so frustrating.  For the first time ever, when checking the BTC price this morning and then the XRP price and seeing it had gone down a little, I thought 'enough is enough, fark this coin!'

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I invested in Bitcoin before XRP was a thing. The creator never intended it to be a speculative currency. It's only a token to exchange other currency without friction. This is why the control is centralized and the amount of unit released is huge (inflation) . Bitcoin is already highly speculative. The rest is even worse except some that bring new protocols to the blockchain like Ethereum and Zcash. 

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the reason that XRP (or other cryptos) isn't going up at the same time as BTC does like it happened in 2017 is because there are now 4 USD based crypto currencies to trade from

there wasn't back then and just BTC going up then the altcoins linked mostly to BTC would go up in value too


now you have this:




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